Rita, Charlène and Mary smiling with Rachid

Back to the interview of Rachid Fakhe, who is the new English assistant in Notre Dame until January. We asked him some questions about him.

Rita&Charlène -“Hello Rachid, so who are you?

Rachid -Hello guys. My name is Rachid Fahke. I was born on the 26th November of 1993 in London. I have one sister and one brother. My father comes from Grenada, so I had my English passport only for 4 years. I study in the University of Bristol.

– How long have you been in Bristol and what do study there?

-I’ve been in Bristol for 3 years and I still have 1 year to go. I learn French and Russian literature. I think that that France and Russia have a strong history with many resources.

And what do you think about the French literature?

– I love poetry, like Baudelaire and Rimbault. My favorite French books are Mme Bovary from Flaubert, because I’ve read it and then we studied it at school. I like the book La Princesse de Clève. I’m keen on Camus and Sartre too.

And what about your free time?  What do you like to do?

-I’m a big fan of Music. I enjoy listening and playing the music. I play the guitar and the piano. I’m part of a group.  I’m a reggae and rock lover. I’m a great admirer of The Velvet underground, Led Zepplin and Bob Dylan.

– Oh that’s really cool. Let’s talk about something different. What is your job in Notre –Dame?

– I don’t really have a big role. Teachers ask me to come in class, so student can ask me questions. Sometimes I take the half of class, and we speak. The other day I had to read a text and speak about it with students. I stand in AP too.

– But where do you live?

– I live in an apartment next to the library with a Spanish Assistant and a Chinese Assistant.

-Do you think there are differences between our school system and yours?

– Yes, I find that for you in France, Art is something really important. And also, in England, we chose only 3 subjects, we want to learn, in France you have to learn so many subjects!

– To close the interview, can you say something about French people?

– I’ve found that some French were racist. I spoke with a woman who told me that she doesn’t like Arabs. I think this point of view is really

Unbelievable. When you listen the news these days, with migrants from Syria, people should be more tolerant. But fortunately, all French people aren’t like this woman!

-OK, thank you very much for sharing this moment with us!

-‘was nice! Bye!”

Wrote by: Charlène Salomon and Rita Geldron, 1L, the 15th October 2015

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